The main objectives of the Society are to foster Bengali culture and heritage, and the friendship of the Bengali community living in greater Edmonton including Red Deer, Fort McMurray and the surroundings areas. The other objectives are :

To institute and propagate Bengali culture and language to the next generation of Bengali- Canadians
To promote the Bengali culture and heritage to the interested Canadians including people of other cultures
To organize and perform core cultural programs of Bengali heritage
To establish scholarships and provide financial assistance to persons pursuing studies or promoting cultural activities of Bengali heritage
To hold recreational activities among the Society Members including arts and sports
To lease, purchase or acquire facilities to house the Society
To build friendship and harmony among the Bengalis themselves and the people of other cultures
To raise funds in any way to achieve the objectives of the Society. This includes but not limited to accepting gifts, donations, grants, legacies, casino fund, bequests and inheritances
To borrow funds and lease, mortgage, sell and dispose of property of the Society and establish a line of credit to achieve the objectives of the Society
To use funds of the Society only according to and in pursuit of these objectives or other charitable objectives
To actively participate in the multi-cultural and other events of different heritages